and living outdoors
Enjoy peace, comfort


We have a big amount of sunshine hours, making Piedmont the ideal place to stay during April until October. We have put together a list of the differences per season for you.

The combination of peace, comfortable temperature and awakening nature attracts especially nature lovers, cyclists,  hikers and people looking to relax. Everything starts blooming and growing again. The vineyards, fruit trees and wild flowers come to life. In this period, there are many town festivals and culinary walks. The pool is of course open.

Long warm days, school vacations have started. Children endlessly playing in the pool (grown-ups as well, by the way), having fun with the animals, climbing the tree house and jumping on the trampoline. The dining nights on our terrace with long tables under our walnut tree. The mood among the guests is unified, away from the busy world. Everything is allowed, nothing is obliged!

Just like in May and June, it is peaceful. The sun shines a lot and the temperatures are comfortable. The towns awaken, the grape harvest has started. In the area, there is a culinary festival every week, and the palio in Asti on the third Sunday. The ideal month to live outside on a beautiful location with nothing but the rhythm of the day, and to enjoy the delicious and beautiful things Piedmont has to offer. The pool is still open.

We are nearing fall, the vineyards are wonderfully colored and in Alba, the truffle month starts. The ideal time to walk, cycle, enjoy the beautiful nature and enjoy the peace. This is also the time to enjoy delicious foods, but also to visit castles, markets and wineries. Enjoying the long late summer days and passion for delightful food and special fall dishes.

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