Piedmont, a place
to enjoy and unwind...


Piedmont, which means “at the foot of the mountains”, lies in the north-west of Italy, bordering with France and Switzerland.

Here, you will find an uncorrupted atmosphere of the Italian countryside, in which time seems unimportant. The typical Italian villages, busy markets and cozy cafés make it the real “Dolce Vita”.

Piedmont is especially the Burgundy of Italy, with a lot of culinary highlights, a world of risotto, truffles and delicious cheeses. The hilly landscape also harbor the birthplace of many good wines, such as the red wines Dolcetto, Barbera, Barolo and Barbaresco. Of course, there is also the white wines such as Cortese Gavi and sparkling wines Moscato d’Asti and Brachetto d’Acqui (red).

Casa Bontà is located in South-Piedmont in the village Cartosio, a very rustic environment surrounded by extensive forests, estates, beautiful vineyards and a view over the river Erro. In the nearby surroundings (8 kilometers) lies the old town Acqui Terme, known for its thermal baths. Here you can enjoy a cozy terrace (with aperitivo), dinner in one of the many restaurants, delicious Italian ice cream, or simply shopping around.

The area has, apart from all the culinary and cultural trips, a lot to offer from a for sportspeople. You are able to walk, cycle, mountain bike, horse ride, and play tennis and golf. There are also culinary festivals being held regularly.

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